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Billboards have weaved through my art for years. This video is a montage of some finished pieces, photos and proposals.

Unlike previous projects, “so many skins, since” used the content of a sign as a key element. Until now they were void of messages.

For me, they evoke a sense of loneliness. Which is odd given they invade and dominate landscapes. Strategically placed, these walls separate you from your world. When blank, their conquest seems so empty and isolated.

I am also drawn to their looming presence. In a way they are an ultimate theatrical device, a blank facade. Many times it is simply that flat plane I use, claiming space by hovering a flat surface in it.


The kid engineer in me loves the massive superstructures. “Leaning Keep” was nothing but an inside out, upside down billboard. At other times I have tossed the sticks into a jumble.


I suspect this thread will continue to pop up again and again. I don’t want to soil it with to much consideration. Just let it flow and appear when it does. I am a better artist when I leave myself alone.

#artprocess #billboards #signs #facade #content #somanyskinssince #selfportait #selfportraitphotography #blankbillboards

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