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Welcome to a repository of triumphs as told through art. “So many skins, since” sprung from a series of photographs by the same name. I am a survivor of kidnapping and sexual abuse. The photos document me today, strong and whole. From the moment I escaped, I have lived so many lives reacting to and running from it. The title refers to all of these layers I have shed since.


When I shared, I was overwhelmed by the heartwarming reaction. Over and over, people were inspired and tapped into a hopefulness. Building on that, I created this space to celebrate triumph and transformation.

Share Your Story

I encourage everyone to open themselves to the creative process. Art making can be a vital component of a therapeutic journey. It’s a tool to dig deeper, explore and express hard to access aspects of ourselves. It can also celebrate the milestones won. This site celebrates those transformations.


I invite you to share your work reflecting a transformation that you made or are deeply moved by.  You may do it anonymously, or fully identified and contactable. You control how much information accompanies your submission. 

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